About Us

Midwest Miniatures Museum

The Midwest Miniatures Museum is located next to  the Gilmore Car Museum in a picturesque white farmhouse.

The Midwest Miniatures Museum is a non-profit organization that began operation in  2006, initially under a different name and under the umbrella of the National Miniatures Trust.  As the collective dream of miniaturists Francis Light, Criss Goad and Pat Bauder, it was their desire to provide a space for people to see and experience miniatures as art.
Since the starting season, the Museum has expanded its scope to partner with community foundations and organizations like the Kalamazoo Arts Council, The Upjohn Foundation and the IS Gilmore Foundation, with a goal of educating the public and providing exposure for artists working in the miniatures field.  It is an affiliate organization under the Barry Community Foundation  and exempt from income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  

The name change to Midwest Miniatures Museum indicates our commitment to function in this area as a community resource and a fun tourist destination for the general public as well as for miniaturists as a group. 

Come in and discover a world you may not have known existed!