Varied and vast, something to interest everyone!

Pieces in our permanent collection include (but are not limited to) life-like miniature dolls, scale-model buildings representing architecture and lifestyles, fine art dollhouses, room-boxes (vignettes of individual miniature rooms or scenes), historical reproductions, and other specialized exhibits. There are also collections of individual pieces of miniature art–most notable are the Water Crystal pieces, fine silver collections, and more than 200 Kachina dolls.

MMM showcases artistic reproductions in four scales. The largest is 1:12 scale. The smallest is 1:144 scale.

The Museum also has two quilt shops, a mid-century modern multi-story home, a grocery store, an auto garage, a recreation of Vincent van Gogh’s famous yellow house, a collection of historically accurate medical rooms, a room in a walnut shell, to name a few. Some of these exhibits are currently on display and others will be soon as we continue to work on our expansion to the upper floors of our building.